Primary care providers play a key role in the elimination of hepatitis B and C. HepCare aims to strengthen the role of primary care physicians in testing and treating hepatitis C. The hepatitis C therapies available today are uncomplicated and can also be administered in the family doctor's practice. Since the beginning of 2022, all therapies can also be prescribed by primary care physicians themselves. However, many general practitioners appreciate the support of a specialist. These are gastroenterologists, hepatologists, infectious disease and addiction specialists with experience in the treatment of hepatitis C.

HepCare enables hepatitis C therapy in the general practitioner's practice, where specialists prescribe the therapy on the basis of records and support the general practitioner in the treatment if necessary. In this way, primary care providers are strengthened and sensitized to viral hepatitis. At the same time, HepCare enables lower-threshold access to medication, as in many cases referral to a specialist is no longer necessary. Further information and material for download:


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