Who we are

Who we are

The Swiss Hepatitis association maintains a competence network on viral Hepatitis with a focus on public health. The non-profit organisation comments on issues in the field of viral Hepatitis and carries out its own projects. Its Board members represent the various subject areas and academic disciplines concerning themselves with or being affected by viral Hepatitis. Since 2017 Swiss Hepatitis replaces the organisation Swiss Experts in Viral Hepatitis (SEVHep) and continues its activities.


Christophe Bösiger
Maître de Cabine, Swiss Hepatitis C Association, Oberglatt

PD Dr. med. Philip Bruggmann (Präsident)
Infectious disease specialist, Arud Centre for Addiction Medicine, Zurich

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Cerny
Infectious disease specialist, Clinica Luganese, Moncucco und Epatocentro, Lugano

Dr. med. Montserrat Fraga Christinet
Hepatologist, Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois CHUV, Lausanne

David Fehr
Economonist, Rehetobel AR

Prof. Olivia Keiser
Epidemiologist, Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva

Dr. Daniel Lavanchy
Epidemiologist and consultant World Health Organisation WHO, Lausanne

Prof. Dr. med. Francesco Negro
Hepatologist, Department for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Geneva

Dr. med. Claude Scheidegger MPH
Infectious disease specialist and general practitioner, Basel

PD Dr. med. Christine Thurnheer
Infectious disease specialist, Inselspital, Bern


  • Christophe Bösiger
    Christophe Bösiger
    Project coordinator «HepCare»
  • Alexandra Suter
    Alexandra Suter
    +41 58 360 50 00  ·  E-Mail
  • Bettina Maeschli
    Bettina Maeschli
    Managing Director
    +41 58 360 50 31  ·  E-Mail
  • Claude Scheidegger
    Claude Scheidegger
    Projektleiter «SHIPP – Swiss Hepfree in Prisons Project»
  • Erminia Gagliotta
    Erminia Gagliotta
    Project coordinator «Bel Paese»