Sponsors and partners


Sponsors include private companies, foundations and authorities that provide Swiss Hepatitis with annual non-earmarked financial support or support specific projects.

The sponsors of Swiss Hepatiti have no influence on the decisions and activities of the association. Sponsors are not entitled to vote at the annual meeting and have no seat on the Executive Committee.

Swiss Hepatitis works as an independent organisation in collaboration with the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health).

In addition, Swiss Hepatitis enters into partnerships with players who deal with public health problems. The aim is to establish and maintain an information network between practising doctors in hospitals and private practice, as well as between patients and the general public.

Many thanks also to the foundations and supporters who do not want to be named.

Do you want to support us?

We would be very pleased if you would support us in our efforts to maintain the Swiss competence network in the field of viral hepatitis and thus make progress in the prevention and treatment of people with hepatitis.

We are still looking for donors to implement the ambitious project of a Swiss hepatitis strategy. Please get in touch with us.

Swiss Hepatitis
Schützengasse 31
CH-8001 Zuich
T +41 58 360 51 66

Our bank details:
Swiss Hepatitis, 8001 Zürich
IBAN CH20 0079 0042 7399 9234 2
Berner Kantonalbank AG
3001 Bern
Bank clearing number: 790
Bankkonto: 30-106-9


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